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Portugal midfielder Bernardo Silva scoring the only goal. Monaco, Champions League and League two-wire 4-game winning streak, scoring 7 goals and conceded 0 per cent French to sixth in the table; 4 Marseille ended unbeaten, tasted League 4th defeat this season, still lead the standings by 1 points. 3-0 Caen Lyon 7 minutes, down inside Caen Defender Pierre Fickel, Lacazette penalty opener, 1-0; 57th minute yumudidi header ferry, Lacazette volley and 62nd minutes, Fickel pass calmly push Zia passage. Lyon 3, continuing ranking France third, behind just 1 minute from the second defending champion in Paris, Caen, 7 round be +3 losing streak continued at the bottom of the Ligue. 2-1 Bordeaux Nantes on 23 minutes, Bedoya direct, weiletu use the time difference to push score; the 28th minute, and kazili the right breakthrough crossing, Sertic's shot was blocked into his own goal by Hansen and 66th minute, jiluoboji's header goal was blocked by Diabaté, meet Bordeaux goalkeeper Yugo's head after the ball hit the post turns into the net, 2-1. Nantes ended Bordeaux's 3-round unbeaten, will be narrowed to 6 per cent in the European region, Bordeaux, Nantes 4-point lead in 5th place. Bastia 2-0 Rennes after 46 minutes, Costil has Gellert's direct free kick and Taio's shot, but, budaibu 25-meter left foot Curveball made him feel helpless.

All the tones and black fabric texture, belonging to the luxury of the simple design without China, Jane and unusual practices, and carrying black and white slow end of the epicenter. Combining quality and details in place and fully experience the collaboration between both brands concept is believed to be wings+horns10 at the annual most popular foot stunner. Was informed that the scrutiny will be on sale on victoria secret bikini uk  December 20, interested friends may wish to reference matching model from wings+horns. Just this past Saturday, SNEAKERCON in New York held a mammoth shoes, more guest stars to come out, it is the end of a big. Please put a shine on the eyes reading pictures, a review of sneakers feast scene. Legend pence from afar when AnferneeHardaway admission and to freeze all eyes for an instant, then with the United States well-known street brands Staple after the person in charge of JeffStaple photo, even before the walk to the station picked up the shoes and shoe fans communicate to.

Torres came to the city is tantamount to heaven for a pie. Italy media from negotiations to debut to Milan's life, with several extra chapters on Fernando Torres, after all, Spain's star quality and commercial value of the Milan team in recent years and are huge gaps in the marketing, poor serie a too want the stars. Nobody thought, after only 4 months, and even the Milan shut out Torres, ask for refunds. Values only for his autograph 10 serie a, 591-minute playing time, 1 goal, 0 assists, plus 8 steals and 3 times to clear. Judging from the race on January 17 and Manchester City in the Barclays Premier League clash with arsenal, when Sergio Aguero is expected to play the strong dialogue, while in 7 days after Manchester City against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, if Aguero can return it, in this championship battle, he too can contribute to the city. United Kingdom media disclosures, jovetic will return to action next week, and also Manchester City's striker crisis eased after the team's three main strikers Sergio Aguero, Edin dzeko and jovetic both injured, but dzeko will recover from a calf injury, the Manchester Evening News said, that city does not rush to sign a striker during the winter window. 

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