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In 34 games, kintell showed his defensive line and age of maturity and stability, 34 games he only get a yellow card, clean style of play has made an impression on all the teams. Last season is not yet over, German Giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga powerhouse Dortmund, already compete for kintell. Kintell eventually refused an invitation of Bayern, joined Dortmund in value for 10 million euros. But came to Dortmund after kintell found State, representative of the first round of the Bundesliga teams start and play a full game, but scored after 9 seconds move by opponents, and causes the team to start, a lot of people think that's poor form this season, starting from opening the 9th second of the season, after the game, kintell has served as a substitute. In the key race in Frankfurt, kintell a serious mistake in the final moments of the game, his return over Weidenfeller direct goal of the attack, allowing players hit an empty net easily procurable. Kintell, also was called into question after the match is Dortmund Super parallel imports. Kintell can be said to be one of the more elegant style Defender, he rarely eats, which is now Germany central defender Hummels, Boateng, who differ. Hummels Bundesliga appearances so far has reached 178, total number of yellow cards has reached 19, an average of nearly 10 games for a yellow card.

Super recognizable yellow yellow yellow, happy Christmas Festival is particularly eye-catching. Windbreaker yellow animal print sweater, high force is your good choice. If you can't handle large yellow upper body, backpack and a yellow one-shoulder bright Oxford shoe can also help you in the color of Christmas be yours, Pink Pink Pink has become a fashion darling, recent popularity is very high. How to match has no sense endearingly, on this Christmas day, not to be missed. Pale pink pale pink windbreaker white top, pink shirt and bow tie to match not only without losing a man, but very cute. Bright pink fashion sense and full of bright pink sweaters and jackets are very delicate, sweaters can easily put street sense and charm suit jacket to wear for your full House. 5. who says winter only military Green Green Green. Dark green and Mint green items are also a good choice. Green not  victoria secret swimwear uk  only has enough fashion sense, put up pretty combative. Mint Green is hard to deny, all full of youthful, small meat not to miss. United States Hall of the extreme sports brand Volcom recently teamed up female photographer from New York KatIrlin together for the new line item to launch a theme called LiquidLights series catalog.

Suarez, a total of 6 appearances for the side during the Liverpool and Manchester City, but he only scored 1 goals, that happened during the two thousand twelve-thirteenths season of the Premier League, Liverpool 2-2 draw away to Manchester City, Uruguay one penalty a spectacular free kick. At Chelsea, Torres was a satin King Milan, disappointed fans were even jokes, too made up for him. You know Torres played in the Premier League had Nemanja Vidic video by Milan fans once hung up the network, used to humiliate rivals Inter Milan. And now his value on the rest day on the training ground for his autograph photo. One-twentieth joined Milan Hou, Torres no touch late rebound, but continues to slowly lost joined Milan Hou, Torres no touch late rebound, but continues to slowly lost despite is efforts, but Torres still no stormed outbreak of signs former of gold child, more of when became has red black of foil August 30, 2014, Torres official farewell Chelsea, loan to AC Milan 2014, 30 age of Torres is has became Chelsea of abandoned will 2013-14 season, Mourinho lost golden boy have been thoroughly disappointed looking back 11 years ago in 2003.

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