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And now Germany back line anchor pin Boateng, 173 appearances in the Bundesliga had to eat the 35 yellow cards, on average less than 5 games get a yellow card. Kintell. He made 76 appearances in the Bundesliga so far to eat 7 yellow cards, an average of nearly 11 games will get a yellow card. Worth noting is that kintell 5 yellow cards is to eat before he was 19 years old, matured at an amazing speed. Kintell whether parallel imports. For he who was only 20 years old, and now he has to answer it would be rather difficult. After all play in Freiburg kintell has been stable during the period, 2011-2012 the second half of the season begins, at the age of 18, kintell has became a regular of the Freiburg defence. In Freiburg while playing, kintell appearances altogether 81 appearances for the Club, scoring 5 goals 1 assists and solid performance. It can be said that kintell has proven his strength, now Dortmund slump, more is the lack of break-in because visitors, as well as against the relegation pressure tension. Over time, believes he can still become Germany back line of stars. Ligue all 10 games of the 18th round of the dust has settled, topped the Paris and Marseille are 0-1 the top two lose, which Paris is ending a 17-round unbeaten, the two teams occupy the top two positions, but Paris ahead of third-place Lyon's advantage is only 1, 7 round of Caen continued to be at the bottom.

Very New York City subculture flavor. The modeling collection is inspired by various subcultures in New York, Volcom and KatIrlin has also produced many fans relish. KatIrlin as a female photographer, is a very comprehensive development as a member of the photographer, her life in the fashion, architecture and photography all have very high attainments in the field, and these photos, is by far the most mobile phone creations. The Volcom will be most proud of the work referred to KatIrlin shooting, retro colors and fuzzy picture showing the form of unique beauty, of course, Volcom's iconic logo.  victoria secret pink  Diamond also focus, like friends don't miss out. Good heat tinting minimalist trend taste Canada fashion brand wings+horns on the occasion of the celebration of the 10 anniversary of the birth of the brand, NewBalance joint cooperation with the sports brand, with street sense in Japanese style M580 series full of shoes as a blueprint to create. Is also in favor of Japanese design, both at the time of consultation has been very considerate, shoe leather of mixed wool materials, 3M reflective material is missing or no.

Atlético golden boy turned at the age of 19Wearing the captain's armband at the age at the beginning of his career he was dazzling, as the brightest stars in the night sky in summer 2007 Torres joined the reds in the years that fluttering in red, you are the Red Star's golden boy. Was also remembered at Anfield with thunderous cheers. If time stays in this moment, Torres undoubtedly is happiness of, until January 2011 joined Chelsea 50 million pounds of worth virtually into has a chains and judge of standard alone Torres by reference of people, is enough to contains into Chelsea history of deluobatuoleisi seemed completely variable has a a people, homes Fu piano section, and Crespo of magic curse plus body House not into, and waste pole, and squandered opportunities. Torres from the mockery of Idol bid farewell to Stamford Bridge, is no longer regarded as a superior player 2014, Spain ended, Torres ' life winners and over what time will we be able to see more than 10 years ago, the golden boy. So daring. Bright share to sports pictures | Center | Atlas | Post reporter Chen Jun Galliani added: he can achieve success in Milan. Inzaghi said: I would like to change for him. 4 months ago.

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