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Due to driving without a license, Dortmund striker Royce Germany Dortmund local court fined 540,000 euros of money. But according to the Germany media reports said Royce's troubles are not over. Germany media reports said that Royce had not simply drive without a license, he has forged the Netherlands driving licence, therefore he is also forging a driver's license will punishment. In addition, Royce also participated in before the World Cup Germany national team main sponsor Mercedes-Benz Group's ad shoot, it now appears that Royce has had little opportunity to once again participate in the Mercedes-Benz advertising. Dortmund coach Klopp also said that Royce's error was a stupid story. Last July than Villanova cancer recurrence, Barcelona emergency boot selection plan, good Martino appointed Rosser and his relationships. Martino entered the Barcelona had tried to promote reform of tactics, but soon give up. Made the perfect start, Martino last season but the team day. In the Aspen daily interview, Martino admitted that when choosing Barcelona was too hasty, but denies that Harvey may be the trouble. I entered Barcelona and the Argentina team, all happened very quickly, but these are two completely different situations. Martino said, while living in Argentina zhiqian, I've been thinking about for a long time. 

Earlier releases a lot of weight both retro and chic items arrived today, visvim SKAGWAY reintroduce classic shoes. At the launch of the SKAGWAYHIKAPA, as the name suggests is used in the quarterly series called KAPA fabrics to create this fabric visvim quarter theme elements into the essence of patina, with full strong color village tribal-style painting, quite fitted the retro style of the village. Back to gray and khaki were launched in two versions, this should be the most I've ever have a true Christmas atmosphere on the shirt. Looks like GitmanVintage got your shirt is no ordinary brand concept was successfully carried out all over again. Yes, it is for the United States fashion brand owned victoria secret uk  by Gitman authoritarian shirts retro extension GitmanVintage during the Christmas season special for British fashion names Endclothing. creating festive-informed topic series shirt.Azar in the summer of 2012 to 3200Million pounds the winger, who joined Chelsea from French Lille, today he has become an integral part of the Blues, which he scored 9 goals in all competitions, is Chelsea's second goal-scorer, behind Diego Costa, and last season, Adjara team striker wanghe assists, which shows that this Belgium star is the backbone of the Blues.

Regiment against the Bundesliga giants in Asia at present, in Mainz, there are three Asian players, namely Japan's Shinji Okazaki, Korea's puzhuhao and zizhe, not surprisingly, Shinji Okazaki and zizhe will be a starter. This season, Shinji Okazaki had long been the top Bundesliga scorer list, is still with the 8 ball on top, 16 rounds only scored 18 goals as Mainz, Shinji Okazaki could play well, will to a large extent, affect their destiny. According to the United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph, Chelsea will give Azar sent out a Christmas gift, Belgium players are expected to get an offer for a period of 5 years, new paid 200,000 pounds deal, but both sides have figured out all the details of the contract, just a signature. In Premier League Manchester City against Everton of game in the, Aguero knee ligament injured, at has news said, Manchester City striker may out 4-6 week, worst of situation Xia has may truce 8 week, but according to Manchester Evening News, in accept interview Shi, Manchester City coach Pellegrini think Argentina striker in January of first week on has may comeback, and this means with Aguero can played with arsenal, and Chelsea of continuous two field battle. 

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