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Portugal midfielder Bernardo Silva scoring the only goal. Monaco, Champions League and League two-wire 4-game winning streak, scoring 7 goals and conceded 0 per cent French to sixth in the table; 4 Marseille ended unbeaten, tasted League 4th defeat this season, still lead the standings by 1 points. 3-0 Caen Lyon 7 minutes, down inside Caen Defender Pierre Fickel, Lacazette penalty opener, 1-0; 57th minute yumudidi header ferry, Lacazette volley and 62nd minutes, Fickel pass calmly push Zia passage. Lyon 3, continuing ranking France third, behind just 1 minute from the second defending champion in Paris, Caen, 7 round be +3 losing streak continued at the bottom of the Ligue. 2-1 Bordeaux Nantes on 23 minutes, Bedoya direct, weiletu use the time difference to push score; the 28th minute, and kazili the right breakthrough crossing, Sertic's shot was blocked into his own goal by Hansen and 66th minute, jiluoboji's header goal was blocked by Diabaté, meet Bordeaux goalkeeper Yugo's head after the ball hit the post turns into the net, 2-1. Nantes ended Bordeaux's 3-round unbeaten, will be narrowed to 6 per cent in the European region, Bordeaux, Nantes 4-point lead in 5th place. Bastia 2-0 Rennes after 46 minutes, Costil has Gellert's direct free kick and Taio's shot, but, budaibu 25-meter left foot Curveball made him feel helpless.

All the tones and black fabric texture, belonging to the luxury of the simple design without China, Jane and unusual practices, and carrying black and white slow end of the epicenter. Combining quality and details in place and fully experience the collaboration between both brands concept is believed to be wings+horns10 at the annual most popular foot stunner. Was informed that the scrutiny will be on sale on victoria secret bikini uk  December 20, interested friends may wish to reference matching model from wings+horns. Just this past Saturday, SNEAKERCON in New York held a mammoth shoes, more guest stars to come out, it is the end of a big. Please put a shine on the eyes reading pictures, a review of sneakers feast scene. Legend pence from afar when AnferneeHardaway admission and to freeze all eyes for an instant, then with the United States well-known street brands Staple after the person in charge of JeffStaple photo, even before the walk to the station picked up the shoes and shoe fans communicate to.

Torres came to the city is tantamount to heaven for a pie. Italy media from negotiations to debut to Milan's life, with several extra chapters on Fernando Torres, after all, Spain's star quality and commercial value of the Milan team in recent years and are huge gaps in the marketing, poor serie a too want the stars. Nobody thought, after only 4 months, and even the Milan shut out Torres, ask for refunds. Values only for his autograph 10 serie a, 591-minute playing time, 1 goal, 0 assists, plus 8 steals and 3 times to clear. Judging from the race on January 17 and Manchester City in the Barclays Premier League clash with arsenal, when Sergio Aguero is expected to play the strong dialogue, while in 7 days after Manchester City against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, if Aguero can return it, in this championship battle, he too can contribute to the city. United Kingdom media disclosures, jovetic will return to action next week, and also Manchester City's striker crisis eased after the team's three main strikers Sergio Aguero, Edin dzeko and jovetic both injured, but dzeko will recover from a calf injury, the Manchester Evening News said, that city does not rush to sign a striker during the winter window. 

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In 34 games, kintell showed his defensive line and age of maturity and stability, 34 games he only get a yellow card, clean style of play has made an impression on all the teams. Last season is not yet over, German Giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga powerhouse Dortmund, already compete for kintell. Kintell eventually refused an invitation of Bayern, joined Dortmund in value for 10 million euros. But came to Dortmund after kintell found State, representative of the first round of the Bundesliga teams start and play a full game, but scored after 9 seconds move by opponents, and causes the team to start, a lot of people think that's poor form this season, starting from opening the 9th second of the season, after the game, kintell has served as a substitute. In the key race in Frankfurt, kintell a serious mistake in the final moments of the game, his return over Weidenfeller direct goal of the attack, allowing players hit an empty net easily procurable. Kintell, also was called into question after the match is Dortmund Super parallel imports. Kintell can be said to be one of the more elegant style Defender, he rarely eats, which is now Germany central defender Hummels, Boateng, who differ. Hummels Bundesliga appearances so far has reached 178, total number of yellow cards has reached 19, an average of nearly 10 games for a yellow card.

Super recognizable yellow yellow yellow, happy Christmas Festival is particularly eye-catching. Windbreaker yellow animal print sweater, high force is your good choice. If you can't handle large yellow upper body, backpack and a yellow one-shoulder bright Oxford shoe can also help you in the color of Christmas be yours, Pink Pink Pink has become a fashion darling, recent popularity is very high. How to match has no sense endearingly, on this Christmas day, not to be missed. Pale pink pale pink windbreaker white top, pink shirt and bow tie to match not only without losing a man, but very cute. Bright pink fashion sense and full of bright pink sweaters and jackets are very delicate, sweaters can easily put street sense and charm suit jacket to wear for your full House. 5. who says winter only military Green Green Green. Dark green and Mint green items are also a good choice. Green not  victoria secret swimwear uk  only has enough fashion sense, put up pretty combative. Mint Green is hard to deny, all full of youthful, small meat not to miss. United States Hall of the extreme sports brand Volcom recently teamed up female photographer from New York KatIrlin together for the new line item to launch a theme called LiquidLights series catalog.

Suarez, a total of 6 appearances for the side during the Liverpool and Manchester City, but he only scored 1 goals, that happened during the two thousand twelve-thirteenths season of the Premier League, Liverpool 2-2 draw away to Manchester City, Uruguay one penalty a spectacular free kick. At Chelsea, Torres was a satin King Milan, disappointed fans were even jokes, too made up for him. You know Torres played in the Premier League had Nemanja Vidic video by Milan fans once hung up the network, used to humiliate rivals Inter Milan. And now his value on the rest day on the training ground for his autograph photo. One-twentieth joined Milan Hou, Torres no touch late rebound, but continues to slowly lost joined Milan Hou, Torres no touch late rebound, but continues to slowly lost despite is efforts, but Torres still no stormed outbreak of signs former of gold child, more of when became has red black of foil August 30, 2014, Torres official farewell Chelsea, loan to AC Milan 2014, 30 age of Torres is has became Chelsea of abandoned will 2013-14 season, Mourinho lost golden boy have been thoroughly disappointed looking back 11 years ago in 2003.

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And now Germany back line anchor pin Boateng, 173 appearances in the Bundesliga had to eat the 35 yellow cards, on average less than 5 games get a yellow card. Kintell. He made 76 appearances in the Bundesliga so far to eat 7 yellow cards, an average of nearly 11 games will get a yellow card. Worth noting is that kintell 5 yellow cards is to eat before he was 19 years old, matured at an amazing speed. Kintell whether parallel imports. For he who was only 20 years old, and now he has to answer it would be rather difficult. After all play in Freiburg kintell has been stable during the period, 2011-2012 the second half of the season begins, at the age of 18, kintell has became a regular of the Freiburg defence. In Freiburg while playing, kintell appearances altogether 81 appearances for the Club, scoring 5 goals 1 assists and solid performance. It can be said that kintell has proven his strength, now Dortmund slump, more is the lack of break-in because visitors, as well as against the relegation pressure tension. Over time, believes he can still become Germany back line of stars. Ligue all 10 games of the 18th round of the dust has settled, topped the Paris and Marseille are 0-1 the top two lose, which Paris is ending a 17-round unbeaten, the two teams occupy the top two positions, but Paris ahead of third-place Lyon's advantage is only 1, 7 round of Caen continued to be at the bottom.

Very New York City subculture flavor. The modeling collection is inspired by various subcultures in New York, Volcom and KatIrlin has also produced many fans relish. KatIrlin as a female photographer, is a very comprehensive development as a member of the photographer, her life in the fashion, architecture and photography all have very high attainments in the field, and these photos, is by far the most mobile phone creations. The Volcom will be most proud of the work referred to KatIrlin shooting, retro colors and fuzzy picture showing the form of unique beauty, of course, Volcom's iconic logo.  victoria secret pink  Diamond also focus, like friends don't miss out. Good heat tinting minimalist trend taste Canada fashion brand wings+horns on the occasion of the celebration of the 10 anniversary of the birth of the brand, NewBalance joint cooperation with the sports brand, with street sense in Japanese style M580 series full of shoes as a blueprint to create. Is also in favor of Japanese design, both at the time of consultation has been very considerate, shoe leather of mixed wool materials, 3M reflective material is missing or no.

Atlético golden boy turned at the age of 19Wearing the captain's armband at the age at the beginning of his career he was dazzling, as the brightest stars in the night sky in summer 2007 Torres joined the reds in the years that fluttering in red, you are the Red Star's golden boy. Was also remembered at Anfield with thunderous cheers. If time stays in this moment, Torres undoubtedly is happiness of, until January 2011 joined Chelsea 50 million pounds of worth virtually into has a chains and judge of standard alone Torres by reference of people, is enough to contains into Chelsea history of deluobatuoleisi seemed completely variable has a a people, homes Fu piano section, and Crespo of magic curse plus body House not into, and waste pole, and squandered opportunities. Torres from the mockery of Idol bid farewell to Stamford Bridge, is no longer regarded as a superior player 2014, Spain ended, Torres ' life winners and over what time will we be able to see more than 10 years ago, the golden boy. So daring. Bright share to sports pictures | Center | Atlas | Post reporter Chen Jun Galliani added: he can achieve success in Milan. Inzaghi said: I would like to change for him. 4 months ago.

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2014-2015 the 17th round of the Bundesliga season kicked off, leader Bayern Munich against Mainz, prematurely locked out after half of the Championship, Bayern looked forward to usher inked before the winter break. Top 16-round war, Bayern scored 42 points, ahead of second-place Wolfsburg more than 11 per cent, the performance was very strong. The last game before the winter break, they naturally want to get inked on the road, secured all three points. Compared to the win, Bayern probably more worried about injury problems last round match against Freiburg, Alonso, beinadiya and Levan are out due to injury, this Bayern don't want to repeat. Pig or start in a row after a back injury, Schweinsteiger back well against Mainz, piggy is expected for the third consecutive Bundesliga debut, and rod to form a double midfield. Centre-back position, beinadiya will miss the road trip because of injury. To be on the safe side, Levan could sit on the bench, forward striker will be taken up by Muller. Bayern dominated the past record, drove, Bayern Munich and Mainz in Germany 16Meetings, record of 11 WINS, 2 draws and 3 defeats, and Mainz, and has achieved a four-game winning streak in the Bundesliga. This season, at home to Mainz, 7 only 2 Wins 4-1 at home, while Bayern Munich 7 4-3 away from home, Bundesliga record first. If you want to keep home, Mainz, one needs to pay a great deal of effort. 

On 81 minutes, Kumar Novo breaking balls, Cahuzac shot Bastia Captain broke, which is 250 representatives Cahuzac Bastia scored the 3rd goal, French League debut goal. Bastia ended with 3 straight losses, score 17 points, rising to French third; lane two-game losing streak and 0 goals, but still ranked in the top 7. Lorient Metz 13 minutes 3-1, Guerrero volley cross from Jordan-Kwame ayew burst smoke break; the 37th minute as Mays ruble corner kick cross was cleared, geleiluoda shot on the left side of the area, ball grazed the body of Endor refracts; 1 minute in injury time of the first half, Kwame ayew breakthrough play, Joplin, Laurent jeanneau Flash, Metz goalkeeper. You can do about it but because of his ability to receive him, and have to put up with his crazy. Lumezzane horse-bus driver Cody Bosini was forced to put seats on Mario Balotelli: I was told to mind his, victoria secret london  he could ruin my little bus. He sat in my car for the first time at the age of 11, I found that this child isn't bad, just mentally and physically unable to sit still. So I had to let him sit in the front row, he put your seatbelt on, wouldn't let him move, of course this is for his own security. But God can still come out to create chaos, pushed from behind Bossi, and fight with other children, and once he even stood on the stacked bags, Super-next to a military vehicle show naked. Bosini recalls when he was left out of the squad for disciplinary reasons, cry like a fountain, I reassured him, I really liked the kid.

Waiting on the sidelines to enter the lines gone inside, MC and DJ for us to reconcile within the atmosphere, the atmosphere can be described as hot, warm. There, you can see the dream of limited edition sneakers, joint PE signature custom paragraphs, tons of precious shoes make people drool. A SneakerHeand in her arms holding its own spoils of harvest, in front of the camera are also displayed to share. Even more interesting is that there will also be team stationed in the shoes, just give a small tip, can immediately resume makes you love shoes new look, really have to admire the organizers of human consideration. Dazzling sea of shoes, are there find the shoes of their own. But Recalling the scene pictures can feel United States sneaker culture by degrees, you must have the opportunity to experience on the ground, until it really hits the spot. Visvim thematic patina. I do not regret to coach Barcelona, I just said before I entered Barcelona, there is no analysis of various fields.But before while living in Barcelona, I have little time to think, this is where the difference lies. Typically, too soon for me was a mistake.

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Due to driving without a license, Dortmund striker Royce Germany Dortmund local court fined 540,000 euros of money. But according to the Germany media reports said Royce's troubles are not over. Germany media reports said that Royce had not simply drive without a license, he has forged the Netherlands driving licence, therefore he is also forging a driver's license will punishment. In addition, Royce also participated in before the World Cup Germany national team main sponsor Mercedes-Benz Group's ad shoot, it now appears that Royce has had little opportunity to once again participate in the Mercedes-Benz advertising. Dortmund coach Klopp also said that Royce's error was a stupid story. Last July than Villanova cancer recurrence, Barcelona emergency boot selection plan, good Martino appointed Rosser and his relationships. Martino entered the Barcelona had tried to promote reform of tactics, but soon give up. Made the perfect start, Martino last season but the team day. In the Aspen daily interview, Martino admitted that when choosing Barcelona was too hasty, but denies that Harvey may be the trouble. I entered Barcelona and the Argentina team, all happened very quickly, but these are two completely different situations. Martino said, while living in Argentina zhiqian, I've been thinking about for a long time. 

Earlier releases a lot of weight both retro and chic items arrived today, visvim SKAGWAY reintroduce classic shoes. At the launch of the SKAGWAYHIKAPA, as the name suggests is used in the quarterly series called KAPA fabrics to create this fabric visvim quarter theme elements into the essence of patina, with full strong color village tribal-style painting, quite fitted the retro style of the village. Back to gray and khaki were launched in two versions, this should be the most I've ever have a true Christmas atmosphere on the shirt. Looks like GitmanVintage got your shirt is no ordinary brand concept was successfully carried out all over again. Yes, it is for the United States fashion brand owned victoria secret uk  by Gitman authoritarian shirts retro extension GitmanVintage during the Christmas season special for British fashion names Endclothing. creating festive-informed topic series shirt.Azar in the summer of 2012 to 3200Million pounds the winger, who joined Chelsea from French Lille, today he has become an integral part of the Blues, which he scored 9 goals in all competitions, is Chelsea's second goal-scorer, behind Diego Costa, and last season, Adjara team striker wanghe assists, which shows that this Belgium star is the backbone of the Blues.

Regiment against the Bundesliga giants in Asia at present, in Mainz, there are three Asian players, namely Japan's Shinji Okazaki, Korea's puzhuhao and zizhe, not surprisingly, Shinji Okazaki and zizhe will be a starter. This season, Shinji Okazaki had long been the top Bundesliga scorer list, is still with the 8 ball on top, 16 rounds only scored 18 goals as Mainz, Shinji Okazaki could play well, will to a large extent, affect their destiny. According to the United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph, Chelsea will give Azar sent out a Christmas gift, Belgium players are expected to get an offer for a period of 5 years, new paid 200,000 pounds deal, but both sides have figured out all the details of the contract, just a signature. In Premier League Manchester City against Everton of game in the, Aguero knee ligament injured, at has news said, Manchester City striker may out 4-6 week, worst of situation Xia has may truce 8 week, but according to Manchester Evening News, in accept interview Shi, Manchester City coach Pellegrini think Argentina striker in January of first week on has may comeback, and this means with Aguero can played with arsenal, and Chelsea of continuous two field battle. 

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